Environmental Policy Statement

This Statement recognises Riviera Stonemasons obligations under the ‘Environmental Protection Act 1990’ in the conduct of its activities will ensure it:

Reduces waste to the lowest practicable level.

Disposes of Waste in accordance with the Duty of Care Regulations.

Ensures that any fuel tanks are bunded and all plant on site to have drip trays to prevent any spillage or leaks.

Provides information to employees and sub-contractors relating to Environmental issues.

Commits to creating a positive environmental culture within the Company.

Considers all neighbouring properties are the environment in the minimisation of creating dust and noise pollution.

Assesses any environmental hazards and ensuring effective control measures are implemented. These control measures will be documented with a method statement, risk assessment or toolbox talks.

Takes the necessary precautions to prevent any possible pollution to watercourses.


This Statement of Intent is to be applied to all activities carried out by the Company.

Environmental issues must be enforced by all Supervisors and be observed by all sub-contractors.


The responsibilities for determining the Company’s policies on environmental issues lies with Mr Steve Gale

Mr Steve Gale has the particular responsibility for environmental issues. In the event of difficulties arising from the implementation of this Statement, reference must be made to Mr Steve Gale.